Ever wonder why some people say Open-Source/Free-Software developers are assholes?

(09:00:57) Paco-Paco: criswell: and, in the future, read the on-join message and the topic, please
(09:01:00) blueser: Paco-Paco: mmmh... don't know. perhaps if I turn history on (or logging)?
(09:01:15) Paco-Paco: blueser: you might have to get the other person to send you the message through some other channel
(09:01:21) Paco-Paco: like, say, an IM protocol that _doesn't_ suck
(09:01:35) criswell: Paco-Paco: heheh, my question was easy tho ;-)
(09:01:37) Paco-Paco: well, such a thing doesn't exist, but one that sucks less
(09:01:55) Paco-Paco: criswell: yes, but if 1,000 people who are too lazy to read the topic and FAQ ask such questions, we waste a lot of time
(09:02:06) blueser: :-) not an option, unfortunately... anyway, I guess I found a pattern: it might be the away messages that are getting lost
(09:02:09) Akhorahil: hey, if anyone in here needs a gmail account, i've got 6 invites...
(09:02:12) Paco-Paco: and then when we tell such people to read the topic, they ALL claim that they individually didn't use much time
(09:02:15) criswell: Paco-Paco: uh, I read the faq, doesnt say about these two
(09:02:23) Paco-Paco: no, but the topic tells you to upgrade
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(09:03:10) criswell: Paco-Paco: no, says upgrade before reporting a bug... I wasnt reporting a bug
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(09:03:46) nosnilmot has changed the topic to: 0.82.1! || Your question is answered in the FAQ: http://gaim.sf.net/faq.php || Please don't use CVS unless you're developing || Upgrade before reporting a bug or seeking assistance || Windows issues to #wingaim
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(09:03:57) rizzo: Just say "Upgrade before speaking"
(09:04:44) Alver: heh
(09:07:22) criswell: Ah... so its revisionist history, huh?