Frequently hated things from #tfug, #fgij, #clanam, etc.

... in no particular order ...

Number Hater Hated
1 Fear_cult the sun
1 Ginsu_Squirrel this stupid chatroom
1 Waffmula Laptop repair guy getting his car towed with the parts in it
1 gsmith Dry, tired eyeballs
1 jdr Having the perfect house sold as we start to write up a contract with the our agent
1 roosterx people who keep logs
1 superbenk Jury duty
2 roosterx people who keep hate logs
2 tottinge the assumption that all handheld computer users use windoze.
3 roosterx people who keep archival logs
3 superbenk CANKER SORES!!!!!!!
3 superbenk quot;Running with the Devil" by Van Halen
3 tottinge quot;Van Hagar"
4 superbenk Van Halen
5 tottinge Microsoft.
6 tottinge That criswell's 'i hate' script doesn't automatically svn up!
7 criswell Scheduling time for my computer to be taken down for the CD to be replaced by the sysadmins, and them doing it waaay after work leaving my computer off and all my project cronjobs un-run.
8 tottinge People who immediately think that python's "significant whitespace" means that columns are significant.
8 tottinge one more thing before I'm done
9 tottinge non-resizable windows -- which means most of Windows as written by Microsloths.
10 tottinge stupid jerks who think that having a modal window opens means you shouldn't have the ability to move or resize the window under it.
12 criswe1l Fucking dry cookies.
12 criswe1l This
12 jdr webpages with links that when clicked shrink your entire browser to 400x400
12 superbenk Command syntaxes that seem like they work but in fact did nothing at all.
12 superbenk Lack of friggin AC outlets!!!
13 criswe1l Dry fucking cookies.
13 superbenk People who hog the one table on the patio that's near the AC outlet
14 superbenk Laptop screens that are impossible to read in natural light
16 criswell People with two first names.
17 criswell Purse phone calls.
17 tottinge hardware and content who work like the devil to make sure people can't use their products.
19 gsmith A colon full of steaming black beans
20 tottinge Java.
21 tottinge Enterprise Java
22 tottinge Java Beans
23 criswel1 All the freaking work and suggested work on the hate list generator.
23 tottinge Jakarta project and all their worthless inbred documents, where you have to know everything in order to read about anything.
23 tottinge That when you use threaded display and have a collapsed conversation and you highlight and delete it, it only drops the head of the conversation. You have to open it and highlight all the messages to kill them.
24 aargh Laptop manufacturers who won't sell without spanking Bill Gate's monkey
24 tottinge Frameworks.
28 criswell The fact that 'c' and 'v' are so close on the keyboard that I often type 'mc' instead of 'mv'.
29 criswell Fucking snow.
30 tottinge quot;writing programs" tutorials which really only tell you which buttons to press in some overblown ide in order to have it write the program for you. Badly.
30 tottinge writing programs" tutorials which really only tell you which buttons to press in some overblown ide in order to have it write the program for you. Badly.
32 criswell The fact that the friggin "Insert" key is right next to "Home" and "Delete"
33 superbenk Hate-klutzes
34 superbenk Minnesota accents
39 Lancer_Koal RPM
44 superbenk April Fools news articles
44 tottinge_ sissy colors being auto-chosen for me in xchat.
45 criswell Fucking tofu eating Jedi.
45 superbenk Forgetting things
45 tottinge People who give their kids titles as first names "Major", "Senator", "Captain"
45 tottinge_ forgetting to turn on logging when I generate an i hate message.
48 Lancer_Koala waking up at the ass-crack of dawn to go to the airport
54 gsmith Socks that creep
55 criswe11 Creeps that sock
57 Lancer_Koal Daylight Savings Time. You can't call it "standard time" if it is only in effect 4 months per year
58 superbenk When people assume because you work with computers you know/like Windows.
59 superbenk When people see I work in IT and think I can help them with ALL their computer problems.
61 criswell Forgetting that I commented something out in the build process for debugging purposes and then spending an hour debugging why the damned build stopped when it did.
62 jdr Taxes, and the stupid incomprehensible forms and regulations that accompany them
63 jdr Commercial product info sites that don't have a price list
63 jdr paying some one to do something that should be free like filing your taxes
65 tottinge That "sneaky gene" that makes cats do really stupid and potentially hazardous things without forethought.
67 criswell Having to be the only one who ever comes up with fun scripts
67 criswell Having to be the only one who ever comes up with fun scripts"
68 criswell When automatic things aren't automatic
77 superbenk saggy socks
81 criswell The fact that Amarok is so cool.
82 criswell The fact that RPM depends on non-free software and probably violates its own license.
83 jdr Windows Messenger and its @!%$ing insistance on starting up even though it claims to not be installed!
84 jdr Windows Autoupdate
85 jdr service packs
87 criswell Little fake plastic grass in store bought sushi packs.
87 superbenk JavaScript page hit counters
88 Lancer_Koala Making a fresh pot of coffee, and then realizing I'm out of cream
89 criswell When a "Thangs that kack ass" comment gets onto the Things I Hate list....
92 Koala Dying harddrives
92 Lancer_Koala Computers
92 criswell When someone says something is extreme when it's not
92 gsmith Phone trees that leave the most likely option to the last choice
92 superbenk People in the office that whistle to the radio!
93 superbenk People who giggle on the phone in *my* office
97 superbenk The little hair clippings stuck in my ears after getting a haircut
99 tottinge FBI/Interpol warnings that if I use the movie *I* bought, they'll throw me in prison or take all my money.
100 tottinge FBI/Interpol warnings on kids movies -- don'tcha threaten my kids!!!
101 tottinge Companies who name all their technologies in such a way that google responds by spitting the whole internet at you (COM, .net, etc)
101 tottinge when some jerk (disney) uses the no-forward/nomenu flag (disney) to play a crapload (disney) of previews. Jerks.
104 Lancer_Koala That error messages in Linux are starting to resemble error messages in Windows in their level of informativeness
114 jdr a leaky seam in your paper coffee cup
119 superbenk Tucson, heat, missing winters, lack of safe standing water (all of the above).
123 Ginsu_Squir Wordpress themes with really crappy colors
123 Ginsu_Squirrel Wordpress themes with really crappy colors
125 criswell Finding a carrot in a bag of carrots that is shaped like a turd
128 criswell Cheetle on my fingers.
132 Koal Random power outages and UPS's with no battery life.
132 Koala Random power outages and UPS's with no battery life.
132 criswell Stupid Carmel idiots who do shit like this
133 superbenk Listening to accountants talk financial crap
143 jdr Forgetting my cell phone at home and not having access to all the contacts stored in it
152 aargh People who have colorful flowery patterns on the background of their e-mails and a bright magental comic sans font for text
161 aargh websites that have "open links in new window" for NO good reason
164 jdr Programs that produce useful graphical output but have no way to save the output except the copy/paste buffer resulting in horrible aliased images
171 criswell Lite Yogurt
172 criswell Non-video video game reviews... I was elected to *LEAD* not to *READ*.
172 criswell Promised speed increases between version differences of an app (BZR) that aren't delivered
172 criswell Snot
172 criswell The phrase "Man-Cave."
172 criswell When some dork lets me cast raise on them when they don't need it, and it wastes my MP....
172 superbenk Lack of Lite Yogurt when I'm HUNGRY!
173 jdr My credit card company calling me to try to sign me up for 'free' stuff that will cost me $8.99 per month, and then getting mad at me for turning down the 'free' offer
175 tottinge programming editors that can only show one file at a time.
182 criswell Replying to someone in IRC with something lengthy only to have their connection time out immediately after.
182 criswell When I ask for input on work project X and yet no one gives me any for 24+ hours...
182 criswell When there's a handyman in your house working on the bathroom and you have to drop a Count Dooku.
182 criswell When website pages start with "Hey Friend!"
182 criswell When you meet people with really cool names in person, and they ultimately are very ordinary and boring...
182 criswell Widely placed NM placeholders that wont sit still so I can watch them out of the corner of my eye!
182 criswell bbaker
186 criswe1l People who make kernel modules that aren't available as a patch against the stock kernel.
187 criswe1l People who don't keep version histories telling what the difference between their module is from upstream.
187 superbenk Various tech blogs/news sites that just recycle the exact same stories from everywhere else to compose 75% of their content
188 criswe1l ware.
189 Lancer_Koal Stupid fscking touchpads.. especially if its offcenter from the keyboard such that to comfortably type, you constantly hit it with the heel of your hand
189 Lancer_Koala Stupid fscking touchpads.. especially if its offcenter from the keyboard such that to comfortably type, you constantly hit it with the heel of your hand
189 criswell When someone is in an unhealthy relationship with someone (wife, mother, husband, whatever), refuses to get out of it, and then complains about it.
192 Lancer_Koala refusing connections if you apt-get update twice in a row (i.e. right after making a change in sources.list)
192 criswell Breakfasts that taste REALLY good but are too small and leave you wanting more.
192 criswell In Firefox you can "View Source Chart" in a new tab, but when you "View Page Source" it's ALWAYS in a new window, with no option for embedding.
192 criswell In Firefox you can "View Source Chart" in a new tab, but when you "View Page Source" it's ALWAYS in a new window, with no option for embedding.
192 criswell Sneezing fits.
192 criswell Yaz commercials.
193 Lancer_Koala unofficial debian archives that don't link unstable to sid
193 superbenk Breakfasts that taste really good but make you wish you hadn't eaten them afterwards.
200 tottinge quot;Is Linux Ready " articles
201 tottinge quot;Linux Is Ready" articles
205 bbaker Jalapeno pepper stems in my sub!
217 Lancer_Koala New shirts with so many fricken pins in them that you don't find them all until later that day when one stabs you in the neck
219 Lancer_Koala Mosquitos in Arizona.. they're not normal mosquitos, they're some kind of super mosquito with powers of invisability and a wicked bite
231 paranoid_android Idiots who send attachments in MS Word/Excel of something that can be sent in plain text, simply because they wanted the frickin' company logo in WordART displayed prominently
238 criswe11 Stupid laptop NIC dongles.
257 superbenk Car dealership service depts. that call me with recorded messages about stupid service deals that I'm due for
261 jdr Trying to find the menu item that lets you set axis ranges in OOo charts
262 criswell Losing code that I've written, and then needing it again.
281 criswell When conference calls are cancelled and no one tells me.
283 criswell When it's raining men! *BOOM* Hallelujah!
291 criswell Running out of hard drive space
292 criswell Sitting at work for two and a half hours with your fly open.
293 superbenk Watching someone sit at work for two and a half hours with their fly open.
298 criswe1l People who use "buh" in place of "but" in IRC.
298 criswe1l People who use "buh" in place of "but" in IRC.
301 tabke crunchy toilet paper
302 tottinge Important" movies.
323 superbenk When people say they are "creating a trac" when they mean they are "creating a trac *ticket*"
327 criswell SuSE, and the fact that everything useful is *NOT* in it...
341 bbaker When you send an email asking a question & they respond with without addressing the question, but with something total unrelated.
342 criswe11 Hate-O-Meter scripts that are dumb
345 superbenk End of line nonsense from people's stupid email clients (ie, "=20" a the end of each line)
351 criswell Phantom drips of food in my beard that turn out not to have happened when I go to clean them up...
361 criswell Fucking robotic, supposedly voice-recognizing, automated call centers.... "Tell me what problem you're having?" ... "I'm sorry, I didn't catch that" GAH!
361 criswell Not being able to cut & paste easily from host system to virtual system.
361 criswell When my wife is home sick and makes a stinky-ass lunch that smells up the entire house.
367 Lancer_Koala MS's arbitrary and inconsistant use of capitalization in filenames
368 criswell Working on "work" things at 11:14pm....
371 criswell Doing a pull, having outstanding changes I didn't notice, then doing a commit with a "merge" message that winds up attaching to my outstanding changes instead of an actual merge
371 criswell When packages don't include sample rc/configuration files in their doc directory, only in the man page, which makes copying/pasting them into new files that much more difficult...
391 criswell Going through a buglist of a few hundred bugs to prioritize them when 90% of them I know nothing about
391 criswell People who upload music/audio to's Open Source Audio directory and then don't indicate a license or copyright for it
391 jdr Cordless phones with short lived batteries, that start beeping at you 20 minutes into a conversation
402 Koala Wallops.
412 criswe1l Customers that think it's okay to mix and match packages from arbitrary RPM-based distributions
412 criswe1l Tiny little connectors that look like other tiny little connectors but really aren't
415 superbenk Forums that make you login to view attachments
418 criswell Having two mugs in front of me, one containing Tea from this morning, the other containing Tea from earlier in the week, and picking up the older one to drink because I'm too busy working...
421 aargh Ascii characters that don't let you output cool symbols
421 criswell Open Source projects that are big enough to have "documentation teams"
421 criswell When I'm WFH, my wife is home sick, and I step out to take a shower or use the restroom and I come back to find her using the computer with a dozen fucking browser windows open, me logged out of all my web apps, and the system left in a state where I have to spend 15 minutes trying to get it back to where it was BEFORE she started fucking with my shit
422 superbenk When someone replies to a specific question with advice on a completely different way of doing something rather than actually answering the question and assuming that the person asking the question may very well have had good reasons for doing it the way they were to begin with.
432 superbenk Droopy socks
451 criswell Trying to remember to take pills that you're supposed to take more than once per day.
452 criswe1l Going back to "clean" code up, only to wind up both cleaning it AND breaking it.
452 criswe1l Going back to "clean" code up, only to wind up both cleaning it AND breaking it.
452 criswe1l Those horrible little plastic covers they put over the tabs on ethernet cables.
452 with
453 criswell When people use my Hate-O-Meter to inject their pages for Google-rank
454 criswell Sam Rulez
455 superbenk When the guy who owns does the same thing the guy who posted #454
456 superbenk tabke's stupid paranoia
458 schultmc Automatically closing CD drives
461 criswell The fact that I haven't figured out how to cut & paste between VirtualBox and the normal desktop
471 criswell That Ubuntu has the slickest installation experience in all of Linuxdom.
472 criswell The phrase "updated resume". Bitch, if you have my resume, it's the update resume!
481 Koala waiting for moderator aproval on a post because you accidently hit 'send' before your mailing-list-join confirmation went through
481 criswe1l When I type a word so much in code that I start to question whether it's spelled correctly or even a real word.
487 superbenk When someone else gets a ticket which specifically says they're getting the ticket because I'm too swamped and then that other person comes to me with every little question about the ticket and I essentially end up doing it :P
488 criswell When someone else gets a ticket which specifically says they are getting the ticket because the ticket is then swamped under the first ticket that I had when my grandmother's ticket is pulled from a hat and is the ticket for the Petty concert I wanted to go to but my ticket had a triple 'A' on it indicating I was on the 'No Fly List' and then the second ticket (which was the first if you are counting) was called a liberty cabbage.
491 criswell People who mix tab characters with spaces for indentation
491 criswell People who use tab characters instead of spaces for indentation
534 superbenk Facial hair
535 criswell Fecal hair
536 superbenk Dead IRC channels
537 superbenk RSS feeds that don't include summary text from the article they link to (superbenk glares at
540 superbenk People who can't remember their own usernames for logging into the network.
541 superbenk People who call me on the phone with web changes rather than emailing them so I won't lose/forget wtf they want me to fix.
542 superbenk People.
543 criswel1 superbenk
544 superbenk criswel1
546 superbenk Fresh installs on a *POKEY* Internet connection
546 superbenk Mistyping crap when I'm pissy
547 criswel1 Pissing crap while I'm mistyping
547 superbenk Copying a DVD image from NFS over WLAN only to loose connection at 97%.
547 superbenk criswel1 when I mistype crap and am pissy
548 work_superk People making popcorn mid-morning when I'm starving and trying to save my lunch for... well, lunch.
550 superbenk The inability to kick Ginsu_Squirrel's ass over IRC.
551 superbenk When researchers expect everyone else to just know what something is by looking at it just because they do. Matching images to items based solely on their appearance and a name (filename is useless) is annoying.
555 Ginsu_Squirrel you guys not making any sense
555 tottinge DRM
555 work_superk People who say "Hows Comes" ... wtf is that?
556 superbenk Microsoft Exchange
557 work_superk When moving a folder with the same name as another folder in the destination directory overwrites the destination folder rather than appending to it's contents.
558 superbenk Just getting into a cool project and starting to really learn it then being bombarded with crap work.
559 superbenk Every single electronic device requires it's own proprietary AC adapter... why can't they just use a set of standard plugs for varying power levels and be done with it!?
559 superbenk Having an awsome idea that *should* be super easy to implement only to trip and stumble over oneself's own ignorance of the tool used to implement said idea.
600 tottinge Technical support people who don't know that Linux is an operating system.
601 superbenk When software doesn't tell you what key you used to register it with (/me glares at MS)
610 criswell When the opened package of something is behind/under another closed package of that same something.
611 schultmc people talking about food when I haven't eaten yet today ;)
612 Koala When people set a meeting time via email and use EST or CST when they clearly mean EDT or CDT (in the summer).
612 criswell Audacity's "load file" window can be resized, but the "save file" window cannot... WTF?
612 criswell People trying to limit my free speech just because they are starving
617 criswell Apparently fixing a bug without realizing it and thus making a hackish fix I made 5 months ago now become a bug...
617 criswell People who schedule an interview with me and then require nine million confirmations of the interview.
629 Lancer_Koala IRC links that crash my browser
663 superbenk When I clip my fingernails and get the skin so it is sensitive for days and days.
664 bbaker Websites that have white text on a black background. Thanks for fucking with my vision assholes!
664 superbenk My office.
665 superbenk All the Score: 5 Funny comments on /.
665 superbenk Configuration files that aren't commented in English
665 superbenk People who talk CONSTANTLY!!!
666 bbaker People who type IM conversations in sentence fragments
666 bbaker When a coworker has a customer talk to you about something that you're not involved with. Then that customer continues to contact YOU for everything from then on about more things that you're not involved with.
666 superbenk Long boring & insanely stupid show intros (you know, the bumper music and silly sound bytes from movies and stuff)
667 superbenk Commenters who start their comment on the subject line and continue it in the body of the message!
667 superbenk Old women with short hair and capris.
668 superbenk Monthly Microsoft is about to fizzle articles... after 20+ yrs of those articles you'd think they'd give it up and just wait and see, eh?
668 superbenk Old people who think they look fashionable in their stupid outfits & stinky perfumes/colognes & dumb gaudy jewelry...
668 superbenk Paranoid nerds
669 superbenk Finding a really cool software package on Freshmeat only to find it costs money
669 superbenk Radio DJ's doing a charity fund-drive and trying to sound important and "cool" at the same time
669 work_superk People who have called me and I've fixed *one* Windows problem for them and now they call me with *every* Windows problem they have.
670 superbenk People automatically assuming people who use the word "hack" are malicious people out to cause mischief and do criminal things.
671 aargh Steve Miller's song where he goes from Phoenix -> Tacoma->Philadelphia-> Atlanta-> LA that is just pretty geographically fucked up just to make a dumb song rhyme..
683 criswell People who talk on their cellphones while using public bathrooms.
700 tottinge web pages with fixed widths. Why do people think we like having a 30-character wide article running down the center of our 180-character-wide displays? It's stupid. STOP IT.
701 tottinge Anything done in frontpage.
702 Lancer_Koal People who constantly set their googlechat status to something because they think people care
702 work_sup1rk Saxaphones in 80's music.
712 criswell The fact that 3:30-5:30pm my office is unbearable to work in unless I block out the window due to the horrible blinding sun searing through it.
718 criswe11 That "rpm -qa" is so utterly useless.
718 criswe11 That "rpm -qa" is so utterly useless.
718 criswell That Prilosec OTC has an odd number of pills in the box, meaning my last "dosage" of each box is half of what it should be.
718 criswell The fact that Ubuntu's installer doesn't work at resolutions 800x600 and lower...
719 criswe11 That people *think* "rpm -qa" is something helpful to send to me when I design their distro.
719 criswe11 That people *think* "rpm -qa" is something helpful to send to me when I design their distro.
719 criswell Cats that pick while you're working to perch on your chest and demand love.
719 criswell Running out of disk space.
719 criswell When I'm at a remote meeting where we take notes on a large paper-board, and then I'm responsible for the giant-ass sheets of paper after the meeting is over...
720 criswell Having to then transcribe the information on those stupid sheets into a wiki
720 tottinge Godwin's law and how I cant say nazi without....
721 superbenk Deleting 2 hrs of the most insanely boring video every and having to tape it all over again.
723 criswell Having legitimate "work" that needs to get done, but lacking any and all motivation to do said work... Instead only being motivated to build a motion sensing device out of an old laptop and a quickcam.. something which I have NO practical use for...
761 criswell A couple weeks after bitching at superbenk for being so wishy-washy on his phone having to go phone shopping for my wife's xmas present....
765 criswell When *kick* *ass* places that RULE go out of business and I have to shop at their crappier contemporaries...
773 superbenk When people walk in and ask "Is there something wrong with the server?" without qualifying that question with any sort of specificity.
774 superbenk Having to be nice to people you feel like punching.
775 superbenk All the little hairs everywhere after a hair cut
775 superbenk Comments like this: " is amazing how happy people are, in knowing absolutely nothing about their computers. They're all a bunch of Mac users!"
775 superbenk Terminal programs that don't let you adjust color schemes easily.
776 superbenk When someone is talking to someone else and the other person gets interrupted half way through the conversation and the person talking transfers the second half of the conversation to me (who really couldn't care less even if he heard the first half).
776 superbenk Women with clunky shoes that go 'clop, clop' whenever they walk anywhere.
777 superbenk lt;3' 'E>' '<nick> hugs <stupid item>', etc.
780 superbenk People who gush over their pets
784 jdr quot;Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_destroy: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed"
801 superbenk HDDs with no activity lights.
802 superbenk HDDs with no per-drive activity lights.
802 superbenk People who talk to themselves while they work.
805 superbenk Multi-page articles that only have printable versions of one page at a time & not the entire article.
805 superbenk Wifi manufacturers not bothering to state which chipset the cards use on the box.
810 criswell OCD
810 superbenk Old people who find the stupidest things funny like everytime they say something they have to laugh about it. "Yuck, yuck, I just said some words!"
811 criswell People with quotes in their email signatures.
811 superbenk Old people getting all creamy when they see candy. "Ooooh! Chocolates! They look yummy."
812 criswell Customers.
812 criswell Getting diagnosed with something, then everyone starts sending you EVERY link they can find online on the topic.
812 superbenk Having to pee in the middle of eating lunch.
812 superbenk Rod Stewart
815 superbenk Slow torrents
819 criswell When the Russians forget they are unmuted on the conference call and start talking.
819 criswell When you are shipping a package at UPS/Post-Office/Whatever and they ask you if you're shipping any live animals
820 superbenk Wanting to buy movies and they can't be found to buy anywhere.
823 superbenk shift-pgup/pgdown not working in screen
825 lancer_koala Gum on the sidewalk
825 superbenk Finding a really cool piece of software only to find it's a major bitch to install.
826 criswell Getting a sneezing fit on a conference call.
830 superbenk Google results that lead me to another results page for the same thing on a different search engine.
830 superbenk Websites that put all docs in PDF format instead of HTML.
831 criswel1 When people have 400+ Megs in their Linux platform, and yet insist on being called "embedded."
834 bbaker superbenk continuing to get a $80/yr magazine subscription for free after cancelling it.
835 superbenk Domains that use the .<whatever> in the name (like
837 superbenk Things that can do many things but all their documentation is centered around one specific task.
847 superbenk When bloggers put their mug shots on every single RSS feed from their blog.
871 criswell Echo when the Russians join our conference calls.
871 criswell When I'm hungry and there's nothing I want to eat.
872 Lancer_Koal The term webinar.
873 criswell The phrase "back in the day"
888 criswell Fixing the hate list and the fact that schultmc is gonna get free DT food.
891 criswe1l Working from home while my dog "digs deep" as he licks himself.
891 criswe1l Working from home while my dog "digs deep" as he licks himself.
892 superbenk Smart people who take a simple question and in the process of answering go off on some tangent causing numerous other issues to be surfaced instead of just answering the stupid question directly.
900 superbenk Zits inside the ear
900 superbenk co-workers who type REALLY LOUD!
901 superbenk When sick days turn into working at home days.
902 criswe1l When working at home days turn into sick days.
912 superbenk BIOS Logo screens that cover up POST
912 superbenk When the vitamin you're trying to swallow gets stuck on your tongue and starts to disolve before you can swallow it and you get that crappy taste left in your mouth.
913 superbenk fsck'
921 criswell When a distro misconfigures itself somehow such that 'halt' reboots the machine instead of shutting it down.
955 criswell When I start getting low-level enough in something to see just how shoddily it's put together.
993 superbenk People who say obvious or really irrelevant things in the morning just to start friendly conversation (ie, small talk).
1024 criswell The fact that my birth certificate is more valid than my drivers license to border patrol.... And the fact that my drivers license is required to get my birth certificate....
1025 schultmc Restaurants that close between lunch and dinner
1028 tabke switching shifts in the middle of the week
1093 criswell The fact that Java has no equivalent of C#'s "struct"
1094 Waffmula Waking up at 6am when you have no reason to be up
1128 criswell Getting "stuck" on a task I'm working on because I can't figure out a good name for the wiki-page that the report will live on...
1204 schultmc Snow storms when our crap HOA doesn't have money to pay for snow removal
1205 schultmc Home Owners Associations
1234 schultmc TMDA
1235 schultmc The Indianapolis Mayor's Action Center
1236 schultmc Indianapolis Heavy Trash pickup
1255 tottinge languages far inferior to Python having the mainstream market share.
1256 bbaker Leaving a voice mail message and getting cut off because of a fucking time limit!
1256 tottinge Languages far inferior to smalltalk having the mainstream market share.
1337 schultmc
1337 schultmc Sites with confusingly similar domain names
1492 Ginsu_Squirrel DSL that claims it is 1.5mbit but only goes 1.2mbit
1717 criswell Upgrading my system and forgetting that it kills my VirtualBox images which are in saved snapshot states.
1719 criswell Still working at 7:57pm because I've been fighting SuSE for two days...
1721 criswell When you're tailing a log file and logrotate rotates the log out from underneath you, and then you panic because you think that the program you're monitoring hasn't run for XX days
1731 criswell Juice Boxes.
1731 criswell The word "Intellection"
1739 criswell Typing 'halt' when I really meant 'reboot'.
1818 criswell That the FFXI achievements for Live are all "secret" until you get them.
1826 criswell Kludgy shit that lacks documentation!
1829 criswell Eating leftovers only to discover the best part(s) of the leftovers are already gone (like the fucking shrimp in my Aroz Camarones from Pappagallos last night!)
1831 criswe1l Sticks.
1831 criswell Amarok doesn't save updated metadata back to the MP3s after you update them... it saves it to some local DB that can be wiped and all your updates lost.
1832 criswe1l Stars.
1873 criswell Waiting for calls
1900 btw that cool print formatting from perl is never emulated by any derivatives or competing languages.
1902 criswell Conference calls where I have "Banana Phone" stuck in my head and it takes a Herculean effort to stop myself from singing it.
1982 criswell Working out on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then eating three candybars... Wait.. do I hate that?
3210 criswell The fact that it's only noon.
3276 criswell Being pulled off of what I'm working on just when I'm getting somewhere...
3417 bbaker Phone calls from research company's wanting to "verify our computer information"
3616 criswell When someone says "mechanically, it's just like flipping a switch"... it's hardly *ever* that easy...
3871 criswell When an email address I have bounces because the tool I'm contacting no longer works for the company I'm trying to contact. I don't want to sink a day into finding ANOTHER person to email just so I can avoid fucking awful web-forms!
6172 criswell Websites with obfuscated registration schemes to thward spambots that wind up making it too difficult to actually post anything to
7162 criswell Trying to build old code that some dipshit didn't write proper makefiles for
7173 criswell When timewalker complains about the Things I Hate list not working any more
7181 criswell The extremely long wait after installing *ONE* package using YaST for YaST to become responsive again and ask me if I want to install another package..
7181 criswell Using an alternate port with SSH is 'ssh -p' (lower case "P"), but with SCP it's 'scp -P' (upper case "P").
7182 criswell Having to dig through pages and pages of forum posts to find a simple answer.
7182 criswell Short-ass power cables
7182 criswell When I can't tell whether I or someone around me has B.O.
7182 criswell When people try to come up with their own flash-based video player interface completely and totally ignoring all of the previous interface designs
7183 criswell Having to move my laptop to the floor due to short-ass power cables for bullshit devices I have to hook up to it.
7191 criswell Shitty recordings of blues singers where the mic is too far from the stage and it sounds like they are singing at the bottom of a well.
7193 criswell Web-sites that bitch if you open links in new tabs (See
8127 criswell When one thing looks like another thing and I confuse the two. Like vagisil creme comes in a similar tube to neosporin, or glue sticks are the same tubes as lip balm.
8172 criswell Agonizing over nomenclature in a given project when I really should just be coding.
8172 criswell The fact that Freenode can be draconian with their IRC policies
8172 criswell Weeks where I have more conference calls than days of the week
8173 criswell Having tons of conference calls because we're 3 weeks over on our release date!
8174 criswell DRY MUFFINS!
8181 criswel1 Idiots who flirt with cute baristas who are out of their league for WAY too long...
8191 criswell When I friggin' can't find renamed UI-configuration utilities.....
8743 criswell The joke: "There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary, and those who don't."
9000 superbenk IRC channels that are dead when I need ANSWERS!!
9001 criswell Things.
9172 criswell When Visual Studio gets deadlocked in a "I refuse to accept that the changes you just made were made"-state and tosses compilation errors that do not exist!
9315 schultmc BestBuy not carrying the english version of Lips
9391 criswell SUSE's installer defaults to "boot from hard drive" on the boot menu and I'm trained to just hit enter on the boot menu on install CDs...
9515 schultmc Activision
10938 criswell The fact that "Fire Fart" has been the #1 video on google video for.. like... EVER!
10939 criswell The fact that 3 of the top 10 videos on google video are fart related!
12345 schultmc missing topics
12346 schultmc the UK National Lottery
15155 Waffmula Meetings with coprate people wher I know more about the system their teaching then they do
15156 criswell Waffmula-speak
15157 timewalker Janoric-speak
15158 timewalker How niisan uses 'teh' all teh damn time!
15351 Ginsu_Squirrel Search doesn't wrap around in glurp
15352 Ginsu_Squirrel Searching the the xchat buffer is a bitch
15353 gsmith Being at the bottom of a list
17261 criswell The fact that "add to playlist" is right next to "make this my ringtone" in the android music player menu
17262 criswell Going to Playstation Home when I mean to go to Playstation Store (to redeem a friggin code)
18737 criswell Flow-chart humor.
18739 criswell When people don't fucking listen to me when trying to figure out *where* I could fit in an organization...
78189 criswell When docking my laptop the fact that my desktop window layout gets all fucked up!
90210 soymilk Bluetooth headset reviews that don't mention all features
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