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(12:45:42) jdr: did debian stop using CUPS or something?
(12:46:17) superbenk: jdr: I use CUPS in debian
(12:46:33) superbenk: my debian has D-CUPS
(12:46:35) superbenk: :)
(12:46:42) jdr: well last time I did an apt-get upgrade, I noticed a lot of xprint crap
(12:46:49) jdr: and now my printer seams really flakey
(12:47:05) superbenk: your printer always seems flakey
(12:47:15) superbenk: you're constantly complaining about it
(12:47:25) superbenk: you should do an "Office Space" on it
(12:48:24) criswell: how big are D-cups?
(12:48:35) jdr: oh, its that crap that mozilla always puts after lpr
(12:48:44) jdr: I forgot I always have to delete that
(12:49:06) jdr: ${MOZ_PRINTER_NAME:+'-P'}${MOZ_PRINTER_NAME}
(12:51:49) criswell: no, seriously, how big are D-cups?
(12:52:02) jdr: that was a short meeting
(12:52:08) superbenk: how do I tell awk to filter '07:' on the 3rd field?
(12:52:17) criswell: postponed... meeting room occupado
(12:52:28) criswell: but how big are D-cups?!
(12:52:31) jdr: isn't the cup size 1 inch for every letter?
(12:52:31) superbenk: D-cups preempted the meeting
(12:52:49) criswell: A... B... C... D....
(12:52:52) criswell: 4 inches?
(12:52:55) criswell: 4 inches of what?
(12:52:57) jdr: yeah
(12:53:02) superbenk: BOOB!
(12:53:05) criswell: radius? circumference? diameter?
(12:53:19) superbenk: criswell: you're really ruining this for me
(12:53:21) jdr: 4 inches more than the measurement taken just below the breasts
(12:53:42) jdr: its the difference between the chest with and without the boobs
(12:53:48) criswell: so
(12:53:52) criswell: sort of radius?
(12:54:03) superbenk: ugh
(12:54:04) jdr: more like circumference
(12:54:04) criswell: radius if the chest were the radial point?
(12:54:09) criswell: mmm
(12:54:13) criswell: i prefer radius
(12:54:13) bigj: I think there should be a size measurement for the length of the pooter
(12:54:14) superbenk: STOP!
(12:54:23) criswell: 4 inch radius would be massive
(12:54:50) superbenk: stop analyzing boobs... you're ruining it!
(12:55:07) criswell: i am just trying to visualize what a D-cup is
(12:55:20) jdr: you ever hear of "Fermi Problems"?
(12:55:22) criswell: if a girl had a D-cup... would I know it?
(12:55:40) jdr: its a class of problems where you make estimations based on lots of small assumptions
(12:56:14) jdr: well, anyway, my friends and I once posed a fermi problem:
(12:56:25) jdr: What id the mass of all boobs on campus
(12:57:17) superbenk: don't lots of college chicks have small boobs?
(12:57:24) jdr: non at UA
(12:57:46) superbenk: I need to go back to school :)
(12:57:54) criswell: yeah U of A had lots of honeys
(12:58:11) jdr: anyway, I came up with 40,000 lbs of boobage on campus
(12:58:21) superbenk: haha
(12:58:36) superbenk: that's like 2lb/chick
(12:58:41) superbenk: right?
(12:58:49) jdr: yeah
(12:58:59) jdr: I estimated 1lb per boob on average
(12:59:06) jdr: it might even be a little low
(12:59:22) superbenk: this is getting creepy
(12:59:48) criswell: i wonder if that might cause much relativistic space and time dilation near campus?
(12:59:49) superbenk: I can't grep twice can I?
(12:59:57) jdr: criswell:
(12:59:58) criswell: i once grepped twice
(13:00:00) superbenk: cat blah |grep foo |grep bar
(13:00:14) criswell: i needed viagra... but it was possible
(13:00:39) criswell: victoria secret blocked my IP
(13:00:48) jdr: that blows
(13:01:19) criswell: 1 lb boobs are pretty small
(13:01:35) jdr: not really
(13:02:03) superbenk: that's like B-C cup
(13:02:58) jdr: 1 lbs = 450 mL
(13:03:18) jdr: and according to plastic surgury websites, each cup size is roughly 150 ML
(13:03:27) jdr: so thats C
(13:03:36) jdr: which is probably a little above average
(13:03:44) jdr: I thin B is average
(13:03:59) jdr: though round here, probably not
(13:04:48) superbenk: my ex had Cs that went to Ds just before her period (TMI?)
(13:05:35) jdr: Anyway, when we were doing this as a Fermi Problem, I had a friend estimate that each boob was 6 lbs.. now a galon of milk is 8lbs.. talk about big jugs
(13:06:25) criswell: 8lb boobs would rock
(13:06:34) criswell: you could calibrate scales against them
(13:06:36) superbenk: sounds dangerous
(13:06:38) jdr: na.. thats too much to handle
(13:06:46) criswell: i dunno
(13:06:51) criswell: i have pretty big hands
(13:07:05) superbenk: C-D is nice
(13:07:21) superbenk: even B-C
(13:07:23) criswell: why is it they inflate before the period?
(13:07:29) criswell: i mean... that's when they get the meanest?
(13:07:34) criswell: so it does no freaking good
(13:07:42) superbenk: hormones?
(13:07:50) jdr: it all has to do with estrogen levels
(13:07:56) superbenk: whoremoans :)
(13:07:56) criswell: it's like putting candy in front of a kid and then slapping his hands as he reaches for it
(13:08:04) jdr: hah!
(14:29:20) superbenk: jdr: it's nice out... you should come have a coffee and work on the patio
(14:32:34) superbenk left the room (quit: ).
(14:51:06) superbenk [] entered the room.
(14:53:07) criswell: sunburned?
(14:53:14) superbenk: me?
(14:53:19) superbenk: it's cloudy here
(14:53:49) criswell: oh
(14:53:53) criswell: well bleh on you
(14:54:02) superbenk: but I am outside and it is nice
(14:54:10) superbenk: so bleh on you!
(14:54:18) criswell: its snowing outside where i am
(14:54:31) criswell: it was all nice and pleasant when Jessica was here
(14:54:37) criswell: our highs were in the upper 50s
(14:54:45) criswell: but now its all snowy again
(14:55:00) superbenk: it's snowing in your heart
(14:55:06) superbenk: *sob* *sob*
(14:55:26) criswell: is it cloudy in your heart... where you are soft like a woman?
(14:55:46) superbenk: mmmm... soft women...
(14:56:32) superbenk: think I'm gonna have to take this laptop apart and fix whatever is loose
(14:56:44) criswell: maybe you have a cockroach in it
(14:57:05) superbenk: could be... I do work at a museum after all
(14:57:16) criswell: Jessica's friends were all worried I was going to chop her up into little pieces..
(14:57:26) superbenk: did you?
(14:57:29) criswell: ...tisk... NO
(14:57:34) criswell: NOT ON A FIRST DATE!
(14:57:38) superbenk: oh right
(14:58:06) superbenk: did I mention that old people are annoying as hell?
(14:58:50) criswell: nope... never
(14:58:59) superbenk: they are... always
(14:59:03) criswell: i'd suggest we eat them... if they weren't so chewy
(14:59:34) criswell: besides... i thought you liked having sex with them?
(14:59:54) superbenk: no, that was you that dreamed that up
(14:59:57) criswell: (13:06:36) superbenk: I dunno... i think the wrinkly ones are hot
(15:00:01) criswell: see you said it
(15:00:20) superbenk: ah, well that's indisputable proof isn't it?
(15:00:49) superbenk: your the one that wants to eat out the grannies
(15:01:02) superbenk: 07:55 < criswell> i'd suggest we eat them... if they weren't so chewy
(15:01:18) superbenk: that's pretty disgusting!
(15:01:27) criswell: not "eat out" as in oral services
(15:01:40) criswell: i just want to consume them for digestive purposes
(15:01:46) criswell: but they are too chewy... as I said
(15:01:47) superbenk: seems pretty ambiguous to me
(15:02:09) criswell: i bet oral servicing a granny would be pretty chewy
(15:02:24) superbenk: I may throw up
(15:05:11) superbenk: hmmm... that chick would be hot if she wasn't so ugly
(15:07:21) criswell: would she be chewy?
(15:07:32) criswell: a "bubble-gum chick"?
(15:07:40) superbenk: er, maybe
(15:07:48) criswell: what flavor? grape?
(15:07:58) superbenk: liver
(15:08:02) criswell: hahahah
(15:08:06) superbenk: I said she was ugly
(15:08:25) criswell: it's almost a blues song :-)
(15:09:04) criswell: *ba-dwow-da-wowmp* "Hmmm... my chick is so ugly... she tastes like chewy liver... Ah-haaa-aahhh-ahhhh"
(15:09:26) superbenk: this really is enough to piss a person off... the one place there is an electrical outlet on this patio it's roped off for construction!
(15:09:44) superbenk: I might do something rebellious though
(15:10:07) criswell: do it
(15:10:15) criswell: it may impress the granny if you are a rebel
(15:10:33) superbenk: the ugly hottie?
(15:11:00) criswell: yes
(15:11:09) criswell: she may dig that sort of behavior in a man
(15:11:16) superbenk: she's gone and she wasn't old
(15:11:21) criswell: tell me this... does she have dentures or real teeth?
(15:11:41) superbenk: I couldn't say
(15:11:51) criswell: Because they both have benefits... you know