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(12:22:54) criswell:
(12:23:36) superbenk: boing boing boing
(12:23:39) criswell: hah
(12:23:51) superbenk: that's not what I'd really call 'boobage' though
(12:23:58) superbenk: they're covered up (sorta)
(12:23:59) criswell: it's boobage enough
(12:24:08) criswell: it's not what's covered... it's what's bouncing
(12:24:14) superbenk: heh
(12:24:18) superbenk: 'knockerage'
(12:24:50) criswell: google video is free softcore porn
(12:25:06) criswell: softcore porn for the frugal prevert
(12:26:31) Soul_keeper: mmmm christine
(12:26:58) Soul_keeper: i would so give her ops in my chan...
(12:29:40) superbenk: ok, I'm going home now... training is done
(12:29:43) superbenk: bbiab
(12:33:47) criswe1l: home would ROCK
(12:34:03) Soul_keeper: christine would rock more
(12:50:45) superbenk: oy
(12:51:32) ***Soul_keeper likes christine
(12:52:14) superbenk: christine could hurt you
(12:52:35) ***Soul_keeper likes getting hurt
(12:53:32) superbenk: I wish google video wasn't such shitty quality
(12:54:27) ***Soul_keeper drinks his whiskey
(12:54:37) Soul_keeper: i want christine
(12:55:09) criswe1l: Soul_keeper: email her, be sure to send her your photo and the fact you turned down the gas attendant job
(12:55:09) Soul_keeper: i could teach christine stuff...
(12:55:13) criswe1l: i'm sure she'll respond
(12:55:17) Soul_keeper: you got her e-mail ?
(12:55:31) superbenk: hah
(12:55:50) criswe1l: i bet i could throw a rock on U of A campus and hit a dozen "christines"
(12:56:17) Soul_keeper: good point
(12:56:28) Soul_keeper: i should go back to college
(12:56:35) Soul_keeper: i could show up drunk to every class
(12:56:42) Soul_keeper: it'd be like old times...
(12:56:43) criswe1l: the issue isn't *finding* christine... the issue is getting her to get nekkid with you
(12:57:05) superbenk: "Hey, babbah! Wanna get nekkid?"
(12:57:40) criswe1l: for the nekkid bit, you either need to be incredible swave (which excludes EVERYONE here) or have lots of money (which also excludes everyone here)
(12:57:58) Soul_keeper: nah i can be suave
(12:58:15) criswe1l: for women like christine, high IQs and bad attitudes dont cut it
(12:58:27) Lancer-Koala: suave, maybe.. incredibly suave, doubtful
(12:58:55) superbenk: I'm totally suave!!
(12:59:03) Soul_keeper: i want her to have my kids
(12:59:22) criswell: i also am suave... but my kind of suave generally only works with intellectual girls
(12:59:33) criswell: my kind of suave makes poor christine's head hurt
(12:59:41) Soul_keeper: all girls want the same things
(12:59:49) criswell: they don't actually
(12:59:50) superbenk: criswell suave: "Get nekkid, BITCH and show me the gravy train!"
(12:59:52) Soul_keeper: i got the goods
(13:00:07) criswell: you *hope* they want the same things... but then you discover the horrible truth
(13:00:22) Soul_keeper: my cock would so fit in christine's ass
(13:00:30) superbenk: bah
(13:00:37) criswell: yes yes.. that's *exactly* what she wants
(13:00:37) Soul_keeper: oops
(13:00:43) superbenk: hehe
(13:00:43) Soul_keeper: mmm
(13:01:04) criswell: she's out there thinking, I wonder if I could find an unwashed, unemployed nerd to cram his twinky in my pie hole
(13:01:23) superbenk: HAH!
(13:01:45) criswell: ...oooh, and if that nerd was a bongo unreal tourney player.. that's even better