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(13:54:12) superbenk: wtf!?
(13:54:31) superbenk: sex tips from Eric Raymond!?!?
(13:55:04) criswe1l: hah
(13:56:17) criswe1l: ESR Sex Tip #45 : Never hit a woman with the back of your gun... unless you really want to score.
(13:57:27) criswe1l: ESR Sex Tip #46 : When a woman starts talking about Microsoft, yell at her a lot then punch her in the vagina.
(13:58:15) criswe1l: ESR Sex Tip #47 : Eating pussy is like running GDB, everyone says you should do it, but no one really knows how.
(13:59:16) criswe1l: ESR Sex Tip #48 : In the dark, you can't tell the difference between a fine woman and an unwashed nerd.
(14:00:16) criswe1l: ESR Sex Tip #49 : Once in a while a man just has a need to hold the hand of another man... THAT DOESN'T MAKE HIM GAY!
(14:00:29) superbenk: lol
(14:01:41) superbenk: hah
(14:02:46) superbenk: he's a sick dude