Conversation with #tfug at 2006-02-02 09:39:47 on (irc)

(09:39:55) The topic for #tfug is: Welcome to TFUG! || Sobby: (Pass: supersobby) || || Hate-O-Meter: || || Happy PastaFest!
(13:57:22) Ginsu|work [i=squirrel@gentoo/user/ginsu-squirrel] entered the room.
(13:57:27) Ginsu|work: fuckin a dude
(13:57:35) Ginsu|work: my roommate was transfered last week
(13:57:39) Ginsu|work: and i just got an email they assigned me someoen else
(13:57:44) Ginsu|work: i was really enjoying living alone
(14:03:03) Ginsu|work left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(14:05:11) criswell: hah
(14:05:28) criswell: (13:57:27) Ginsu|work: fuckin a dude
(14:05:39) schultmc: heh
(14:05:45) criswell: pop in, say he's "fuckin a dude" and then leaves before anyone can respond
(14:05:47) schultmc: Ginsu|work is teh ghey
(14:06:03) schultmc: no wonder teh hawt grrlz won't go out w/ him
(14:07:17) work_superk: wtf was that?