Conversation with #tfug at 2005-10-13 09:56:32 on (irc)

(09:56:32) The topic for #tfug is: Welcome to TFUG! || Sobby: (Pass: supersobby) || || Hate-O-Meter: ||
(10:19:47) Lancer_Koala: sz/"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
(10:19:57) superbenk: wtf?
(10:19:59) criswell: heh
(10:20:04) criswell: Lancer_Koala just died
(10:20:29) superbenk: ... in the Castle AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhhhhhhhh....
(10:20:30) schultmc: that takes talent
(10:20:39) schultmc: you have to die while holding down shift ;)
(10:24:00) criswell: i still say he's dead
(10:24:13) schultmc: no rebuttal from Lancer_Koala
(10:24:19) schultmc: condolences to his family
(10:24:23) schultmc: who gets his stuff? ;)
(10:24:34) superbenk: who actually wants it?
(10:24:44) superbenk: I want my tiling tools back
(10:24:44) schultmc: probably no one
(10:24:53) tottinge: What's he got, and what's the street price?
(10:24:54) schultmc: it's just a bunch of optics stuff, isn't it?
(10:25:09) criswell: i claim his organs
(10:25:14) schultmc: heh
(10:25:41) ***criswell flies to Tucson with a scalpel, some trash bags, and 40 pounds of ice
(10:26:17) schultmc: Lancer_Koala wakes up in a bathtub full of 40 pounds of ice
(10:26:22) schultmc: WTF! where are my organs?!
(10:26:31) tottinge: Does he have a moog or a roland? I could use a nice hammond.
(10:26:37) superbenk: I hate when that happens
(10:26:50) tottinge: A hammond with the leslie kit (rotating speakers)... ooooo....
(10:27:50) superbenk: what's that instrument that works off of electromagnetic waves?
(10:30:14) superbenk: tharamin, that's it
(10:30:24) Lancer_Koala: ha!
(10:30:28) Lancer_Koala: that was my cat
(10:30:29) schultmc: heh
(10:30:41) schultmc: dammit, we already claimed your stuff
(10:30:45) schultmc: no takebacks!
(10:30:55) ***criswell quickly hides Lancer_Koala's thyroid...