(09:57:45) superbenk: actually they thought (jdr & aargh) you and I have probably intimidated ginsu some :)
(09:57:53) criswell: hah
(09:57:55) criswell: we have?
(09:57:59) superbenk: mostly cause we're jerks to him :)
(09:58:02) criswell: heh
(09:58:07) criswell: i'm a jerk to everyone tho
(09:58:32) superbenk: well, I have a special reserve of jerkyness that seems to be just for ginsu
(09:58:39) criswell: heh
(09:58:41) criswell: i don't
(09:58:47) criswell: i treat everyone equally
(09:58:50) superbenk: kind of like how you keep pushing against me with that huge red button of yours
(09:58:53) criswell: i'm an equal opportunity offender
(09:58:55) superbenk: bah, that sounded bad
(09:58:58) criswell: hah