Conversation with #tfug at 2006-01-20 14:23:54 on (irc)

(14:23:56) The topic for #tfug is: Welcome to TFUG! || Sobby: (Pass: supersobby) || || Hate-O-Meter: || || Happy PastaFest!
(00:50:11) Soul_keeper: is my worst enemy
(00:50:19) Soul_keeper: DOS that bitch
(00:50:51) Soul_keeper: he uses MS
(00:50:54) Soul_keeper: and banned me
(00:50:58) Soul_keeper: cause i said hi
(00:51:58) iswm: doesn't exist
(00:52:28) Soul_keeper: got a firewall
(00:52:35) Soul_keeper: blocking pings
(00:53:15) iswm: DNS returns nothing on it either.
(00:53:44) iswm: Ah
(00:53:45) Evil_Pink_Robot [] entered the room.
(00:53:46) iswm: There it is
(00:53:49) iswm: Canadian
(00:53:51) Soul_keeper: #stockmarket on tell them fuckers they messing with a good man
(00:54:02) iswm: Anyway
(00:54:04) iswm: Have fun
(00:54:20) Soul_keeper: figures
(00:54:31) Soul_keeper: i would kill the fucker if he was here
(00:54:44) Soul_keeper: knew him for years on irc
(00:54:53) Soul_keeper: and he fucks with me
(00:54:57) Soul_keeper: over and over
(00:55:17) iswm: I think it's time for you to draw a line between IRC and real life, and the forbidden zone
(00:55:26) iswm: You don't want to go into the forbidden zone.
(00:55:35) Evil_Pink_Robot: ~seen gsmith
(00:55:35) quahog: Evil_Pink_Robot: gsmith was last seen in #tfug 1 week, 3 days, 2 hours, 52 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: <gsmith> I wish mine had a Mick built in
(00:55:50) Evil_Pink_Robot: ~seen jdr
(00:55:50) quahog: Evil_Pink_Robot: jdr was last seen in #tfug 1 day, 7 hours, 4 minutes, and 26 seconds ago: <jdr> damn.. it crashed X though
(00:55:55) Evil_Pink_Robot: ~seen aargh
(00:55:55) quahog: Evil_Pink_Robot: aargh was last seen in #tfug 5 hours, 43 minutes, and 55 seconds ago: <aargh>
(00:56:46) Evil_Pink_Robot: i'm having strange issues with my 3d acceleration
(00:56:46) Soul_keeper: fuck drawling lines, i'm insane
(00:56:54) Soul_keeper: i get crazy and shit
(00:57:08) Evil_Pink_Robot: every once in a while, the frame/sec drops from 700 to 250 fps inexplicably
(00:57:14) Soul_keeper: i will be welcomed in the channel or else...
(00:57:17) Evil_Pink_Robot: anyone have similar issues with their radeon drivers?
(00:57:27) Soul_keeper: radeon sucks