(15:20:14) criswe1l: bah that post of tam pisses me off... i can never understand what the fuck she is saying
(15:20:38) criswe1l: it's like you take 3 or 4 intelligible posts... and then smash them into eachother
(15:20:46) xirudon: teh GW one?
(15:21:08) criswe1l: xirudon: yes 'teh' GW one
(15:21:20) criswe1l: seriously... what the fuck is she saying in that post?
(15:21:27) TimeWalker: link us
(15:21:35) criswe1l: http://ffxi.clanam.org/node/941#comment-3445
(15:22:02) criswe1l: it's like you're watching TV, trying to follow a conversation, and someone rapidly flips through the channels
(15:22:10) criswe1l: her posts are like mad libs from an insane asylum
(15:22:25) TimeWalker: haha, I like that analogy
(15:23:46) criswe1l: one second she's talking about guild wars, then she suddenly and jarringly switches to blizzard subscriptions for WoW, then suddenly back to her leveling up a Taru, and then suddenly to a comepletely non-sequitor PennyArcade comic talking about how some people have stopped being able to pee from playing WoW?!
(15:23:52) criswe1l: WTF?!
(15:24:39) criswe1l: it's like she has a jar of those magnetic word things and she's just dumping them on a metal surface and typing what she sees
(15:26:27) xirudon: lol