(11:30:18) piccard: btw, be nice to drifter, shes going thru some tough times lately
(11:30:47) criswell: like what? and I didn't say anything to her directly... just grumbled in the party chat
(11:30:53) piccard: i know
(11:31:05) criswell: she gets all irritating because people are busy and cant or dont respond to her
(11:31:11) criswell: and then she asks over and over and over again
(11:31:24) criswell: its like a little kid tugging on your shirt when you're busy talking to another adult
(11:31:38) piccard: her dog died, her boyfriend left her for her besr friend, her parents took her car away...
(11:31:51) criswell: bah... boo hoo... welcome to adolescence