(09:27:23) criswell: oh, and, btw, I'm starting a flame-war on rpm-devel :-)
(09:28:04) criswell: jeff johnson got on today and nonchalantly announced that he felt that the devel mailing list and IRC are shite and he was going to move all of RPM's development to a blog
(09:28:14) criswell: i replied saying how stupid I thought that was
(09:29:12) superbenk: haha
(09:29:15) superbenk: dumbass
(09:29:24) superbenk: he's shite
(09:29:27) criswell: indeed
(09:29:46) criswell: this is where he wants to move RPM's development too http://wraptastic.org/blog/index.php
(09:29:50) criswell: s/too/to
(09:30:32) criswell: it's the package manager used in more distros than any other today... and he wants to further isolate it from the rest of the world
(09:30:36) criswell: what a fucking stupid idea