(10:06:20) superk_work: I don't care about that
(10:06:25) superk_work: well, not really
(10:06:32) superk_work: I want functionality and reliability
(10:06:42) superk_work: and compatibility
(10:07:00) criswell: i want functionality, reliability, compatibility, and I want it to look schweet when I am sitting in an airport
(10:08:10) superk_work: and battery life... I'm sick of 1 hr life
(10:08:14) superk_work: and light
(10:08:29) superk_work: I guess I'm picky :)
(10:18:41) criswell: i want battery life too... but i don't care about it being light
(10:19:00) criswell: I'm not some limp wristed weakling who can't carry a notebook computer around
(10:19:14) superk_work: well, you're an idiot
(10:19:24) criswell: nope, i'm not
(10:19:29) criswell: you may be a weakling tho
(10:19:45) superk_work: my current laptop is ~9 lbs
(10:20:59) criswell: is that supposed to impress me?
(10:21:14) superk_work: I've put in my He-Man time with a laptop
(10:21:29) criswell: 9 lbs isn't that bad at all
(10:21:39) criswell: what weakling can't carry around a 9 lbs laptop
(10:21:48) superk_work: I carry it every day
(10:21:56) criswell: but you bitch about it
(10:22:00) superk_work: it's not that I *can't* it's that I don't want to
(10:22:16) criswell: (10:06:25) superk_work: Oh, woe is me! I have a heavy laptop
(10:22:31) superk_work: hah
(10:22:35) criswell: (12:02:21) superk_work: My weak girly arms can't carry 9 lbs
(10:22:57) criswell: (02:06:25) superk_work: i wish i had a strongthy 14 year old to carry my laptop around
(10:23:09) criswell: see? constant whining
(10:23:39) superk_work: anyhow...
(10:23:48) superk_work: I'm really liking Kubuntu
(10:23:57) superk_work: I may switch
(10:25:01) criswell: Kubuntu? isn't that just Ubuntu with KDE?
(10:25:06) superk_work: yes
(10:25:10) superk_work: I don't like Gnome
(10:25:11) criswell: which is just Debian with KDE? :-)
(10:25:19) criswell: what about fluxbox?
(10:25:31) superk_work: I'm in the mood for something different
(10:25:52) superk_work: I like fluxbox though so I'm torn
(10:26:16) criswell: maybe if you'd stop expending so much energy being a window manager changing pussy you would be able to carry around that 9 lbs laptop easier
(10:26:34) superk_work: bah!