Said about a work project... among coworkers..

(12:36:56) tottinge: Okay, we need some place for test packages. Really.
(12:37:11) progleny: really really
(12:40:33) criswell: nah
(12:40:34) criswell: i like this
(12:40:36) criswell: its fun
(12:40:56) progleny: You like the fun that belongs to this?
(12:40:59) criswell: its like masturbating with a cheese grater soaking in acid and pretzel salt
(12:41:11) criswell: did i just type that?
(12:41:11) progleny: And you know that how?
(12:41:16) criswell: huh... thought i just thought that