Conversation with #clanam at 2005-10-17 16:36:42 on (irc)

(16:36:42) The topic for #clanam is: Clan of the Angry Monkey : : So you wanna beat Promy, huh?
(17:01:55) TimeWalker: heh...Roo: would you be upset if I posted pics of me riding your skirt in Promy?
(17:02:10) TimeWalker: yeehaw :)
(17:03:23) roosterx: TimeWalker, what are you talking about? what did you do to kit?
(17:03:56) criswell: roosterx: Kit gave TimeWalker oral satisfaction last night
(17:04:03) criswell: she gave it to all of us
(17:04:07) criswell: it was real nice
(17:04:07) TimeWalker: in turn
(17:04:21) TimeWalker: behind the web of recollections
(17:04:21) criswell: TimeWalker: no... all at once... damn that girl's got lots of holes
(17:04:30) roosterx: thats the kind of joke that will get you on my blacklist!!!
(17:04:33) criswell: hahahah
(17:04:38) TimeWalker: how'd you get that in her nose....oh I don't want to know
(17:05:05) roosterx: i dont think thats funny at all! i am truely offended
(17:05:11) criswell: roosterx: get over it
(17:05:33) TimeWalker: we had to give her a tracheotomy so she could breath...then someone decided to use that hole
(17:05:43) criswell: okay... now that's just wrong
(17:05:52) TimeWalker: sorry...I went there
(17:05:53) criswell: roosterx: now it's okay to be offended :-)
(17:05:54) roosterx: thats it! your both on my blacklist now
(17:06:23) roosterx left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(17:06:24) criswell: hah pussy