Ok, so I wasn't the big jackass here, but it was pretty funny none-the-less

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(14:03:39) Lancer_Koala: I really didn't think this would be that big of a deal.. I mean people have galleries and upload photo's all the time
(14:04:12) Lancer_Koala: I just wanted a webpage behind a very simple (not very secure, but who cares) htaccess protected page where everyone can dump their files
(14:04:37) Lancer_Koala: I had no idea that would be such a PITA
(14:04:49) criswel1: ahem
(14:04:51) criswel1: gallery
(14:05:05) Lancer_Koala: criswel1: yes?
(14:05:11) criswel1: GALLERY
(14:05:17) Lancer_Koala: yes yes?
(14:05:23) criswel1: you know, that thing that schultmc maintains the deb package for?!!!
(14:05:28) Lancer_Koala: indeed
(14:05:31) Lancer_Koala: what about it?
(14:05:31) criswel1: use that
(14:05:35) schultmc: heh
(14:05:43) schultmc: gallery has accounts
(14:05:55) criswel1: make one account for everyone
(14:05:56) schultmc: some joe random user can't upload shit to my gallery
(14:06:03) Lancer_Koala: yeah, but I thought it would be a whole lot simpler if there was something just for dumping files
(14:06:10) criswel1: put it behind SSL
(14:06:11) schultmc: make one account for everyone and use sftp
(14:06:17) criswel1: bing
(14:06:39) criswel1: all of these solutions are a PITA only because you're making them a PITA
(14:07:04) Lancer_Koala: ok, nm then
(14:07:30) Lancer_Koala: I'll just let them email all this shit and forget about it, its not really my prblem anyway, its just annoying
(14:08:08) schultmc: BAH
(14:08:44) schultmc: <Lancer_Koala>I have a problem <#tfug> here's a bunch of solutions <Lancer_Koala> bah those are too hard - I'll just do nothing
(14:08:51) criswel1: hah