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(02:20:31) Lancer_Koala: if you want, I can try to open the file here
(02:20:35) Lancer_Koala: ah
(02:20:38) Lancer_Koala: thats cool
(02:20:40) Evil_Pink_Robot: alright, i'll email it to you
(02:20:40) ***Soul_keeper listening to devildriver - before the hangman's noose
(02:20:59) Soul_keeper: fuck yur e-mail
(02:21:19) Soul_keeper: just drive over to his house with a sledge hammer
(02:21:26) Lancer_Koala: uh..
(02:21:36) Soul_keeper: that's how you send a fucking message
(02:21:49) Soul_keeper: right to the skull
(02:22:38) Soul_keeper: fucking MS users
(02:22:42) Soul_keeper: ....
(02:22:53) Evil_Pink_Robot: Lancer-Koala: file sent
(02:23:02) Lancer_Koala: hmm.. for a second, I though kile was having issues for me too.. but its fine so far on my files
(02:24:31) Soul_keeper: fuck you
(02:25:00) Soul_keeper: kill them
(02:25:06) Soul_keeper: wuss
(02:25:12) Soul_keeper: i can help
(02:25:24) Soul_keeper: :)
(02:26:04) Evil_Pink_Robot: wtf are you talking about Soul_keeper
(02:26:21) ***Soul_keeper needs to talk to a female
(02:26:44) Soul_keeper: fuck this life
(02:26:55) Soul_keeper: it never ends
(02:27:00) Lancer_Koala: Soul_keeper: are you 12?
(02:27:04) Soul_keeper: just a fucking long ass bullshit
(02:27:14) Soul_keeper: yeah like 12+10
(02:27:35) Soul_keeper: what bout you, how many you gots ?
(02:27:43) Evil_Pink_Robot: Soul_keeper: if you login in the afternoon, you'll meet your soulmate.. a fellow by the name of Ginsu_Squirrle
(02:28:01) Soul_keeper: i met that fool
(02:28:06) Evil_Pink_Robot: heh
(02:28:08) Soul_keeper: i think yur gay tho
(02:28:18) Soul_keeper: you sound like a bitch
(02:28:33) Lancer_Koala: Soul_keeper is good at making freinds apparently
(02:28:40) Soul_keeper: hahahaha
(02:28:41) Evil_Pink_Robot: yep, apparently
(02:28:53) Soul_keeper: damn right
(02:29:03) ***Soul_keeper gets another beer
(02:29:33) Evil_Pink_Robot: Craig Fergusson is the lamest late night talk show ever
(02:31:00) Soul_keeper: yeah fuck that fool
(02:31:28) Soul_keeper: i could do better
(02:31:36) Soul_keeper: and i'm insane
(02:31:54) Soul_keeper: i wanna kill him
(02:31:55) Evil_Pink_Robot: Lancer_Koala: did you have any issues with the file i sent you?
(02:32:12) Soul_keeper: fuck Lancer-Koala and his fucking problems
(02:32:25) Soul_keeper: where are those other bitches
(02:32:43) Soul_keeper: i forgot who i was talking shit about last time i was drunk...
(02:33:23) Soul_keeper: this beer makes a feller piss too much
(02:33:30) Lancer_Koala: Evil_Pink_Robot: nope
(02:33:34) Lancer_Koala: it was fine
(02:33:36) Soul_keeper: good
(02:33:44) ***Soul_keeper needs friends
(02:33:51) Lancer_Koala: I could type before that paragraph with no trouble
(02:33:51) Soul_keeper: fuck you all
(02:33:54) Soul_keeper: !!!!
(02:34:16) Evil_Pink_Robot: hmm.. i wonder why i'm having trouble with this then.. i'll try on my desktop
(02:34:52) Evil_Pink_Robot: what version of kile are you running, and what version of kde?
(02:35:21) Soul_keeper: it's Lancer-Koala's fault
(02:35:23) Lancer_Koala: uh.. hang on
(02:36:04) Soul_keeper: guess i should shotgun these last 3 beers
(02:36:19) Lancer_Koala: kile 1.8.1 (Using KDE 3.5.0)
(02:36:23) Soul_keeper: nobody gives a shit
(02:37:13) Soul_keeper: hahaha
(02:37:19) Soul_keeper: wuss
(02:37:33) Soul_keeper: fuck irc