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(15:57:35) Soul_keeper: yeah i guess...
(15:57:57) Soul_keeper: i gotta see my counselor today
(16:03:03) Soul_keeper:
(16:03:07) Soul_keeper: talking cats
(16:24:44) ***Soul_keeper listens to death metal sex - death to all
(16:25:05) Soul_keeper:
(16:31:53) ***Soul_keeper listens to death threat - hated and proud
(16:35:33) ***Soul_keeper listens to death cab for cutie
(16:39:58) ***Soul_keeper listens to crayon death - this i know
(16:43:03) ***criswe11 doesn't care what Soul_keeper is listening too... it doesn't impress, shock, or bother him...
(16:44:17) Soul_keeper: good
(16:44:23) Soul_keeper: cause yur gay
(16:44:40) Soul_keeper:
(16:44:54) Soul_keeper: that would be me slamming yur punk ass
(16:47:22) Soul_keeper: hahaha yur so dumb you would think a gun was a cell phone and shot yurself in the head
(16:52:49) ***Soul_keeper listens to death - zombie ritual
(16:55:36) Soul_keeper:
(16:56:20) ***Soul_keeper bitch slaps criswe11
(16:59:31) ***Soul_keeper listens to death - spirit crusher
(17:00:20) Soul_keeper: see if i give a shit
(17:00:30) Soul_keeper: not like you matter
(17:03:55) Soul_keeper: :)
(17:07:54) ***Soul_keeper listens to death - denial of life
(17:15:22) ***Soul_keeper listens to death - suicide machine
(17:16:21) criswe11: the thing that's really funny, Soul_keeper, is that YOU don't matter
(17:16:34) Soul_keeper: kiss my ass
(17:16:40) criswe11: you sit there and think you're some sort of badass, but we all know you're just some loser living in his parents basement
(17:16:51) criswe11: you talk shit, but cant take shit
(17:17:01) Soul_keeper: then come over
(17:17:26) Soul_keeper: i'll do like the last bitch that came over off of irc and put a gun to my head
(17:17:36) criswe11: cry and wet your pants?
(17:17:40) Soul_keeper: take the shit from him
(17:17:44) Lancer-Koala: is he talking? maybe I should unignore him, this could be funny
(17:17:51) criswe11: hah