Samuel N. Hart

PO Box 57343
Tucson, AZ 85732


Experienced with various GNU/Linux distributions (8+ years) such as Debian, Red Hat, SuSE, Gentoo and Mandrake, as well as BSD, Solaris, and other Unix-like environments. Experienced in Perl, Python, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, JSP, C#, Shell Scripting, in addition to many legacy computer languages. Worked with various development, debugging and testing tools such as SVN, CVS, BugZilla, GCC, and GDB. Self motivated with the ability to quickly learn new concepts. Passionate about open- source/free-software trends. Web-sites and software reviewed in many publications around the world.


Oct. 2004 - Present

Platform Specialist

Progeny Linux Systems

Development of Customized Linux-based operating systems. Starting with core Debian GNU/Linux, Fedora Core, or CentOS platforms,built and maintained customized Operating Systems. Low-level RPM development (RPM application, tools, and RPM packages). Python, C and Perl development. Anaconda modification and enhancement

Jul. 2001 - Present

Project Director

Tux4Kids, Tucson, AZ

Free-Software project founder. Acting director of overall project and lead developer/project manager of many sub-projects. Programming (C/C++), Application packaging/promotion, web design. Tux4Kids is a part of a family of Open Source/Free Software projects under the Open Source Educational Foundation ( including Knoppix4Kids and Debian Jr.

Dec. 2003 – Jan. 2005

President and Lead Developer

Big Man Networks, Tucson, AZ

President and principal consultant for Big Man Networks. Business venture specializing in custom Debian GNU/Linux server technology, including Anti-Spam/Anti-Viral solutions, OpenLDAP gateways, Apache Webservers, as well as custom programming and scripting solutions.

Oct. 2001 – Oct. 2004

Support Systems Analyst

University of Arizona Physics Department, Tucson, AZ

Integration and maintenance of 60-100 desktop PCs and laptops running various Microsoft Operating Systems, ensuring these PCs work well with the Unix infrastructure employed in the department, as well as maintenance of several Linux SAMBA, OpenLDAP, and terminal servers. Part of integration involved using the Linux-like CYGWIN environment under the Microsoft Operating Systems. Extensive script programming including BASH, Perl, and Python scripting under both Linux and Windows (CYGWIN).

Apr.2002 - Jul. 2004

Linux/Unix Instructor

University of Arizona, Extended University, Tucson, AZ

Instruction and course design for the Extended University UNIX, Linux, and LDAP Professional and Continuing Education courses. UNIX and Linux courses are taught in three levels, each course occupying eight hour class periods for five weeks. UNIX and Linux courses teach: UNIX/Linux fundamentals, server technologies, and system security. LDAP course teaches OpenLDAP system administration, maintenance and management. Courses were taught from Red Hat Linux, Debian GNU/Linux, Knoppix, and FreeBSD platforms. Classnotes are available online at

Aug.2000 - Jan.2001

Linux Software Consultant

Intel, American Fork, UT

Member of testing crew for an embedded Linux device. Lead developer of a distributed P2P testing suite. In charge of several other Linux developers working on the testing suite. Testing suite was cross-platform, but developed primarily under Red Hat Linux. It was written in Perl, with components in JSP and a CGI web-interface. Suite was a P2P distributed computing project that could turn unused embedded Linux devices in the office into a cluster for testing the device API. Was hired to solve API testing problem, and this suite was my solution.

Jul.1998 - Aug.2000

Administration Technician

University of Arizona Physics Department, Tucson, AZ

System administration and software design. Developed database application for storage of Physics Graduate Student information. Managed undergraduate computer lab as well as maintained several Unix servers. Acted as liason between technical support and general staff.

Aug.1996 - Jul.1998

Laboratory Setup Assistant

University of Arizona Physics Department, Tucson, AZ

Physics laboratory setup, stocking, and equipment repair. Design and development of laboratory inventory and experiment database. Database allowed all laboratory setup information, equipment status and location, as well as assignments to be stored, queried, modified and tracked.


1999 - 2002

Lead Developer/Project Manager

Tux Typing

Tux Typing is an Open Source educational typing tutor developed under Linux. Using the SDL libraries it was also ported to the Win32, Mac OS, and BeOS platforms. Served as lead developer until shortly after the 1.0 stable release. Has since become part of the Tux4Kids Free Software project. Tux Typing is published under the GNU GPL.

2001 - Present

Lead Developer/Project Manager


TuxReader was intended to be an educational tool to assist students learning how to read. The project has been on hiatus pending more time to complete it. TuxReader is a part of the Tux4Kids Free Software project. It is published under the GNU GPL.

2001 - 2002

Supplemental Manager

Tux of Math Command

Tux of Math Command is an educational math tool developed under Linux. Creation of initial project idea and organization of project team including the recruitment of Bill Kendrick to be project manager. Provided initial game overvew and graphics. Software has since been ported to the Dish Network "Dish721" Personal Video Recorder and is now included in that commercial product. Tux of Math Command is a part of the Tux4Kids Free Software project. It is published under the GNU GPL.

2002 - 2003



Code and artwork contributor to TuxPaint. TuxPaint is a part of the Tux4Kids Free Software project. It is published under the GNU GPL

Apr. - May 2001


Aethera: PIM, PDR, Messaging and Groupware

Code contributor on the Aethera project. Created tool for importing of MS Outlook mailboxes.

1999 - 2003


Simple DirectMedia Layer Library

Code contributor for SDL. Submitted patches to code and documentation as well as library usage examples under C, C# (Mono), and Perl. Was maintainer of the SDL/KDevelop Mini-HOWTO during the KDevelop 1.x development cycle.



  • C/C++

  • C# (Mono)

  • Perl

  • Java


  • GCC, GDB

  • Subversion

  • CVS, BugZilla, SourceForge

Web Design


  • Perl CGI (and related modules)

  • PHP

  • Java, JavaScript, JSP

  • Mono ASP.Net

  • Jakarta/Tomcat

Operating Systems:

  • General Unix

  • General Linux

  • Debian GNU/Linux

  • Red Hat and Fedora Linux

  • FreeBSD

  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000

  • Mac OS

Server Administration:

  • Apache


  • OpenLDAP

  • Postfix/MTA

  • Amavis/ClamAV

  • Windows 2000 Server

  • MySQL

System Security:

  • Firewall (iptables, ipchains)

  • SSH/SSL Tunnelling

  • Ethereal

  • nmap

  • TCPWrappers


  • Microsoft Software Update Services


  • Drupal

  • libSDL

  • GTK#

  • VPN

  • VNC


University of Arizona
Completed studies towards degrees in Physics and Mathematics

Additional experience, references, and/or letters of recommendation available upon request.

I am sorry, but due to confidentiality agreements with some previous employers I cannot divulge my salary history.

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