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(14:09:26) Ginsu|work [i=squirrel@gentoo/user/ginsu-squirrel] entered the room.
(14:11:39) criswell:
(14:12:22) Ginsu|work: lol
(14:12:24) Ginsu|work: i'm at work
(14:12:31) Ginsu|work: i thought i had to go
(14:12:32) Ginsu|work: but i didn
(14:12:33) Ginsu|work: t
(14:12:57) work_superk: so who's this dude you fucked?
(14:12:58) Ginsu|work: and its 'fucking a'
(14:13:02) Ginsu|work: not fucking fucking
(14:13:12) work_superk: and why did you feel the need to share your gay love life with us?
(14:13:53) criswell: hah
(14:14:13) schultmc: yeah, you're so brokeback
(14:14:26) Ginsu|work: so anyway
(14:14:42) work_superk: was he HAWT?
(14:14:45) Ginsu|work: i've got a plan, which will hopefully show results by enxt week
(14:14:48) Ginsu|work: for that girl i like
(14:14:56) work_superk: the girl with the penis?
(14:15:04) Ginsu|work: no
(14:15:07) Ginsu|work: the one from my math class
(14:15:08) schultmc: a man, a plan, a canal, Panama!
(14:15:23) Ginsu|work: i dont have a canal